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Just the beginning of the best days ahead

Lennon Brett Holland arrived January 1st 2017, weighing 9lb 6.6oz and it was the beginning of my life.  Becoming Lennon's mommy changed me.  I changed for the better and it feels just like yesterday that we finally met for the first time.  Throughout our whole pregnancy we never got a detailed "image" of Lennon.  I was totally fine with the fact that we just had to wait and see! We knew the anatomy of him of course but thats all we really needed.  I just knew he was going to be beautiful. I know it sounds cheesy but I dreamt him.  I knew that god blessed me with this child and I dreamt him.  Crazy right? You're probably thinking that I'm literally insane but I seriously dreamt that Lennon was going to be a boy and I suddenly felt sure.  I felt the same when I felt and knew I was pregnant.  I woke up from a nap and I had this gut feeling that David and I finally created something so beautiful.

Moving forward, Lennon has given me the drive and motive to do better.  I would be nothing without him.  I was made for this.  I know you mammas can relate to this because motherhood is truly the best thing ever!



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