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Lennon has never been a picky eater and hopefully, it lasts! I decided to share with you guys what products I used to feed Lennon from 5 months and on so hopefully, your baby will like them too! Comment down below if you have used any similar products or if you have any recommendations!

I introduced solids to Lennon at 5 months with the go-ahead of his pediatrician. I just knew that Lennon was ready for actual food since he straight up wanted to take my food! According to research today, babies should start at 6 months instead of 4 months but I’m not going to really go into that because it’s so controversial and Lennon started at 5 months. Either way, if you feel like your baby is ready, then go ahead because MAMMA KNOWS BEST!

In a perfect world, I would be able to make baby food from scratch every day and have a super “farm to table” type of household but it’s not a perfect world and I'm a stay at home mom with little time to prepare anything honestly. I recently started meal prepping the week but ill share this in another post! ANYWAYS… I tried making Lennon’s baby food purees from scratch and I actually made them for a while but my time started getting more consumed by him and I switched back and forth from store bought and fresh. Now if you think it’s so wrong of me to feed Lennon store bought baby food, think again because we were most likely raised on it! I personally have to admit that I was that pregnant woman saying that I would make his food 100% fresh no matter what and THAT QUICKLY CHANGED!

How I made baby food:

I learned to LOVE my rice cooker and steamed small batches of veggies like sweet potato (cut into small pieces). My rice cooker doesn’t automatically shut off so I kept an eye on it and it honestly took like 10 minutes to get the veggies soft and ready for pureeing.

Once the veggies were soft I used OXO TOT MASHER MAKER BABY FOOD MILL and it worked wonders! If you don’t want to invest in a baby food maker like the Baby Bullet, I highly recommend this product because it's so easy and it's not a B**** to clean. I even used a blender to make weekly batches since I was always short on time! The blender I used was: Black + Decker

For storage, I used OXO TOT BABY BLOCKS FREEZER STORAGE CONTAINERS and I personally didn’t need any more than 6 containers since I enjoy switching it up for him. They are 2 ounces and they even come with a tray for better organization in your freezer!

I also tried using DIY food pouches but that was a waste of time and effort.

Lennon's favorite brand of baby food:

Its a tie between beechnuts baby food and Gerber baby food (jar baby food)

My favorites were the baby food pouches because if I had to leave the house I would be able to easily take it with me! Earths Best, Ellas Kitchen, and Targets UP & UP.



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