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Will I love my second child like my first?

There is nothing like the love you have when you first meet your child. The love continues to grow and grow… it's true love.

Lennon has a very special place in my heart. Not only because he is my child but the way I grew up, I have a need to always make sure he feels and knows he is loved. Lately, I've been wondering if I could love another child just like Lennon, I feel really guilty even thinking about it.

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and I finally started feeling my babies kicks but this time I don’t really care for it, I guess I don’t really have time to actually soak it in. Life has been so crazy that my only focus has been Lennon, how on earth will I manage two?

I'm hoping I connect with my second baby as I do with Lennon. We wanted this baby so why do I feel so worried?




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