Why I Quit Social Media

Now you guys are most likely thinking to delete your Instagram or Facebook right?  Tired of groups and clicks and ads and pressure, I can go on and on!  Well I am sharing with you why I quit social media.

When I was introduced to social media/ online community- It opened a lot of doors for me and a safe place. I'm 26 years old mind you I was a teen when online social media blasted off and was the new best thing.  wow! you can literally do anything, find anything, be anything!  very crazy right?  Well here is my story.

Not only did I look to social media as my therapy but that's how I discovered many things not always good.  Regardless, I thought it was my safe place, a place where I could express myself.  I found attention and I replaced it with the loss of love and attention I never got from my parents.  I know many of you can relate to this because honestly many of us grew up way too quickly and were most likely raised pretty messed up.  I grew up way too fast. Childhood is a big blur to me.  Anyhow, I managed to connect with people all over the country. I loved it, for years I truly loved it.  At some point we were coding and we didn't even know it! jeez I'm starting to feel old! hah!


Instagram didn't really affect me up until I actually became a mother.  When I had Lennon, my first child, I fell into this pit of depression vs happiness.  Self comparison and pressure because to consume me.  I immediately became wrapped into letting the internet remind me how I should look or be, to honestly not being grateful for the beautiful life that I am still living!

I learned that social media was TOXIC for me.  Its a toxic, unrealistic place of escape.  I thought the amount of followers I had was my self value.  If I lost a few likes or followers, I felt horrible.

Why did I let a stupid social media application be my self worth?  I become exhausted of the unrealistic numbers and filtered images that had no meaning behind them just boxes of illusions for the world to consume.

The pictures you see online is not real. Majority of the people don't have these picture perfect lives and that's 100% NORMAL!  Behind the edited images are someone taking the time to edit something out of their life.  I was living proof that I was stuck with feeling like my life was not good enough or "aesthetically" pleasing. Just so materialistic.  I was hiding not only pain but I hid so much from not only the world but myself as if I was not living a real life.

Three months ago I quit social media. I don't regret it.  In fact I have grown so much in these three months mentally and professionally that I never want to surround myself with a program that isn't focused on bettering peoples lives.

Today, I only browse Pinterest for faith typography to family meals for dinner.  No, sharing everyday online, no pressure, just good focus on developing my life for the better.  I want to raise my kids on reality, not a filtered view.

I am so much happier.


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