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Work From Home- Busy Kid Friendly Activities!

If you work from home or not being a mother is constantly trying to figure out how to keep our kids busy. Especially during this pandemic its really difficult to keep them occupied.  Most places are closed. We try and that all that matters.

You're doing great mama. believe me.

As many of us work from home, I honestly have to make sure that when my kids are at home and I'm taking calls they are not getting into anything.  I swear one minute they are playing and then the next they are trying to make eggs and messing with the blender.

I am also trying to not spend all my money either... KID STUFF IS EXPENSIVE.

So from the moment I started working again, I started to slowly compile little activities for the kids that can help keep them happy and not in harms way!

My current favorite place to find these activities is Target Dollar Spot!

Thank you Target for helping my addiction LOL.

Literally it ranges from $1 USD to $5 USD!  HECK YEAH !!!

Since my kid adore hands on activities, this week I snuck to target before clocking into work and found these gems!

The image above shows you what I found! super fun stuff for the week!

Now you're asking if they loved it?  The answer is YES.

Chalk was a huge hit and the gardening kit was kind of a fail since my kids are still too little to understand.

I see you mama, I really do.  YOU GOT THIS.

Now hit up target! and also get yourself a treat too!



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