The Raw Truth: Life of a Working Mom

Its  hard, very hard.  Most days I'm running around trying to catch up on homemaking to getting the kids to appointments while squeezing some caffeine in between.

I fail most days.

My schedule is not set in stone so the guilt is real when I cant pick my kids up from school or make them fresh dinner.

I have been working now for almost a year after being a SAHM for 4 years of their lives.   Crazy how time flies by.  I remember applying everywhere so I can start helping with the large amount of bills that were racking up.

I love working. I really do. I honestly find it so rewarding to work and stretch myself to reach my goals.  I am grateful to be able to work, especially from home.  yes.. from home.  This whole pandemic bs has been wild but for me it has been a whole year of growth.  A LOT of rain but that needs to happen.

My kids love going to their preschool, they do.  My son Lennon is with the "older kids" 5 and up and he loves it. Sienna is having fun with her classmates too! I'm happy to see them both enjoying their days at the school.

David, has stepped it up so dang much, He also deserves recognition.  While I work away, he is able to pickup the kids and play with them outside.  I honestly feel really guilty but I know its normal for the kids to also develop a relationship with their father.  I personally did not have a relationship with my parents so this is all new to me.

I know now that it is so important to ask for help.  I am not alone on this.  I know its okay to ask for help.

My schedule is not organized what so ever. I have piles of laundry needing to get folded and put away but at least they're clean.  I don't have anything organized what so ever, and I know I'm not the only mama out there that is living this.

If you are a working mom like I am,  YOU GOT THIS.


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