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Bam! Another little on its way!

You guys were probably never expecting this but we did haha!  Its been almost a year and blogging was not a priority nor thought either during this time I've been away.

Let me catch you up real quickly as I know you are busy and well let cut this short!  I still work and just a few months ago I finally was able to get hired on with my corporate job. No more contracting WOOOHOO!

I've been working hard, sleeping less, while being a mama but what's new on motherhood.  I think plenty of people underestimate the strength us mamas have.  We are determined to kick ass and occasionally have a mental breakdown and eat an entire case of Oreos while the kids sleep.  At least I know I do!  But in RL, mental breakdowns happen for me at least once a week except now I'm more hormonal cause I'm 8 Months PREGNANT!

ANYHOW I am still alive, barely alive.  Ive been trying to juggle the working mom life and pregnant life while trying to grow my career in the financial sector of careers!

My house is a hot mess - We get take out almost every single day- and I only shower weekly because I literally have a nonstop schedule.  If you are interested in my schedule of my working mom life LMK!

Most days I run out the door looking like the taxidermy fox meme out there.

Juggling mom life and work life including pregnancy has been REAL.   We have been able to get the back yard done, get Lennon into Montessori school, and run on 3 hours of sleep every night.  I can most likely pass interrogation at this point.

If you're a mama, you got this, remember that its just a season.



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